Congratulations to our winners 2024!

This year, 253 brilliant inventors out of 24 countries have joined the IDEASforEARS contest. MED-EL is proud to introduce the 14 young inventors whose submissions stood out globally. And as a reward for their creativity, these talented minds will travel to Innsbruck, Austria, where MED-EL is headquartered.

Abigail and Zoey Voigt

11 years

From USA

Smart Watch with Great Features

Abigail and Zoey present their Smart Watch, specifically designed for hearing implant users. This intelligent timepiece allows users to set morning alarms, receive real-time battery...

André da Silva Freire

10 years

From Portugal

Alarm for Lost Processor

André introduces the "Alarm for Lost Processor", a valuable feature that triggers a beeping sound on the user's hearing implant watch if the audio processor...

Bradley Leyshon

11 years

From Australia

Pros-Pod - Upgradet Audio link Processor

Bradley's advanced audio link processor offers a range of features, including a music app, noise cancellation, a built-in torch, and a "find-it" app for locating...

Bryan Raffermati

11 years

From Switzerland

Waterproof Audio Processor

Bryan came up with a waterproof audio processor, a groundbreaking device designed for use during various activities, including wearing it when taking a bath or...

Davide Zilli

11 years

From Italy

Audio Processor Charging Alert

Davide's idea is an audio processor alert, a crucial feature ensuring proper charging of the RONDO audio processor. This innovation provides alerts through acoustic signals...

Linn Trippel

10 years

From Germany

New Audio Processor features

Linn presents the "Solar-Powered Audioprocessor" and "Special Headphones for CIs." The eco-friendly audio processor harnesses energy from solar power, while the over-ear headphones feature a...

Luca Pietrolonardo

10 years

From Argentina

Solar-Powered, Waterproof Processor

Luca's idea is a "Solar-Powered, Waterproof Audio Processor", which is an eco-friendly innovation that harnesses solar power. Beyond its sustainability features, this audio processor is...

Malika Vallerie Aqila

8 years

From Indonesia

RONDO 3 Travel Charger

Malika has crafted the RONDO 3 Travel Charger, an external power bank shaped like a small box, designed specifically to power audio processors. This innovation...

Nataly Oriana Guzman Hinostroza

10 years

From Peru

Ear Prothesis Hearing Aid

Nataly introduces an ear prosthesis that functions as a hearing aid. This special silicone ear prosthesis is designed to serve as a functional hearing aid,...

Shaiza Mariyam

6 years

From India

Remote Audiokey Troubleshooting

Shaiza's invention is the remote audiokey troubleshooting, a feature within the Audiokey 2 app designed to reduce the frequency of clinical visits. This remote troubleshooting...

Valentin Egger

9 years

From Austria

Background Noise Switch-off

Valentin introduces the "Background Noise Switch-off" application, a user-friendly tool enabling effortless elimination of background noises. This application is designed to enhance the auditory environment...

Vasiliki Pantou

9 years

From Greece

Mellie App with Artificial Intelligence

Vasiliki introduces the Mellie App, a digital friend residing in a mobile phone application. Mellie utilizes voice queries and is powered by artificial intelligence, offering...

Zofia Ćwil

9 years

From Poland

Headband-Charger 6000

Zofia invented the "Headband-Charger 6000," a cutting-edge accessory equipped with integrated micro solar panels and heat-charging technology. This innovative headband facilitates rapid charging for audio...


IDEASforEARS is a yearly contest powered by MED-EL. The first competition took place in 2017 and since then we have received more than 1000 entries from more than 40 countries worldwide. Every year we welcome families from all over the world and show them around our MED-EL world. The IDEASforEARS event has always been a blast for everyone involved: the winners, their families, and the MED-EL team.

With your contribution to the IDEASforEARS contest, you can help us raise awareness about hearing loss, you and your parents can meet other families with similar stories, you can build friendships with other young inventors from all over the worldwide, you can learn about hearing and share your knowledge, you can be creative, you can become an honorary member of the MED-EL family!

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